Background — The client requested 3DE develop a sophisticated design/development plan to rapidly take a “napkin concept” of a three level toy pinball game to a production ready design within 2-months -- this product was to be featured via retail TV segments on the shopping channel of QVC. Given the complex nature of the design (10 mechanized paddle and lock oriented components, 4 enclosure based components, sophisticated multi-level screen art, reward lock/unlock tray, etc.) all this needed to be manufacture ready within a 2-month timetable!


This was one of 3DE’s more challenging assignments, indeed. Using a select number of advanced prototype and pre-production tooling application pathways 3DE was able to compress the development cycle enough to meet the deliverables and timetable set forth by the client.  In the end the project was a success and over 60,000 games were sold the first week of its introduction.


Solution — Employing SolidWorks, Stereo-lithography precision plastic models, advanced Soft Tooling methods and periodic Mold Flow Analysis endeavors, 3DE was able to have a production ready design for the customer within 7-weeks!  Clearly the power to quickly capture the “napkin concept” in CAD with continual feedback on the design being generated via precision 3D prototypes and pre-production test units this strategy significantly accelerated the development process to allow the effort to successfully meet its goals and timetables.


This very successful and important project remains a cornerstone narrative to the power harnessed when using rapid prototyping techniques in support of demanding and complex product development initiatives.






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